Working Groups

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These are the Working Groups the Society is currently participating in





An OPTIC WORKING GROUP has been established to research, document and evaluate all areas related to the optics portion of lighthouse illumination, particularly Fresnel lenses.  A future aim is to supply information on removal, storage, shipment, restoration and safe display. 

An ARCHITECTURE WORKING GROUP has been established to research and document different types of architecture, why they were used, whether just for practical or aesthetic reasons or both, the different types of construction methods used for rock stations, different kinds of construction material, how they were built, how they stand up to various types of weather and so on. 

A LIGHT VESSEL WORKING GROUP is planned to research and document the history of light vessels and other floating aids to navigation.  The Group aims to assist with the maintenance and restoration of existing light vessels that are no longer required as active aids to navigation. 

A FOG SIGNAL WORKING GROUP is planned to research and document fog signals from the earliest basic gong to the most modern electronic sounding device. 


Other Working Groups are planned, to include Seamarks, Alternative Use and Heritage.