Hyper-Radial Lenses - first built in 1885 by F. Barbier and in 1887 by Chance Brothers
Lighthouse Location Maker Type Status Year Made 
or Installed
Barberyn Sri Lanka Chance Flashing Unknown 1888
Bazaruto Island Mozambique Barbier & Bnard Flashing In Tower - Mostly Destroyed 1913
Bell Rock Scotland Henry-Lepaute Flashing/Equiangular Prisms Combo Hyper-radial / first order lens - One  1902
partial panel in Signal Tower Museum.
Berlengas Island Portugal Barbier & Bnard Flashing- 3 Panel 180 Removed in 1985 - one panel at Directorate  1897
of Lighthouses Museum Lisbon
One panel in Santa Marta Lighthouse 
Museum in Cascais.
One damaged panel in storage at
Directorate of Lighthouses Museum Lisbon
Bishop Rock Great Britain Chance Flashing, Bi-Form In Tower, Half of Bi-Form 1887
Bishop Rock Trinity House - Museum Chance Flashing, Bi-Form Removed 1992, In Museum, Half of Bi-Form 1887
Bull Rock Ireland F. Barbier Flashing, Bi-Form Location Unknown 1888
Cabo de Sao Vicente Portugal Barbier & Bnard Flashing In Tower 1906
Cape d'Antifer France F. Barbier Flashing Destroyed by German Troops -  1894
August 29, 1944
Cape Race Newfoundland - Canada Chance Flashing In Tower 1906
Cape Santa Marta Brazil Barbier & Bnard Fixed (Group Occulting) In Tower 1891
Fair Isle North Scotland F. Barbier Flashing/Equiangular Prisms Location Unknown Removed April 23 1980 1892
Great and Little Basses Sri Lanka Chance Flashing Destroyed in 1960s, 2 lenses in 2 towers 1888
Hyskeir Scotland Chance Flashing In Tower 1903
Kinnard Head Scotland - Museum Chance Flashing/Equiangular Prisms Combo Hyper-radial / first order lens  1902
-  In Tower at Museum.
Makapu'u Point Hawaii - USA F. Barbier Fixed In Tower 1887
Manora Point Pakistan Chance Flashing In Tower 1908
Mew Island Ireland F. Barbier Bi-Form (was Tri-Form) In Tower, removed from Tory Island 1928 1887
Nlsoy (Naals) Faeroe Islands F. Barbier Flashing In Tower 1893
Orford Subsidiary Light Great Britain Chance Fixed Sector Lenses In Tower 1909
Pakri (Pakerort) Estonia F. Barbier Fixed Not in Tower - Probably Destroyed 1889
Pei Yushan Liedao  China Barbier & Bnard Double Flashing Not in Tower Location Unknown 1895
Pladda Scotland Chance Flashing - Sherical Design Sent to Isle of Arron Heritage Museum 1901
Rubh' Re Scotland - Museum Chance Flashing - Sherical Design In Gairloch Heritage Museum 1909
Round Island Great Britain Chance Flashing Red, Bi-Form Location Unknown 1888
Spurn Point Great Britain Chance Flashing Not in Tower, location Unknown 1895
Sule Skerry Scotland Chance Flashing/Equiangular Prisms Not in Tower, location Unknown 1895
Tory Island Ireland Chance Flashing, Bi-Form In Tower 1928
((Test Panels)) Great Britain Barbier & Fenestre Flashing First test panels used at South Foreland 1885
trials - Location Unknown
Abrolhos Island Brazil Barbier & Bnard Flashing In Tower 1898
Ilha Rasa  Brazil Barbier & Bnard Flashing In Tower  1909
Idea Mentioned by Thomas Stevenson in 1869. First proposed by John R. Wigham in 1872 and again proposed by Thomas Stevenson in 1885.
D.A. and C.A. Stevenson requested that the first Test Panel be made for the South Forland Trials in 1885.
First named Hyper-Radiant by Thomas Stevenson - renamed Hyper-Radial by James Kenward of Chance Brothers.
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