Mission Statement

The Optics Work Group (OWG) will evaluate all areas related to the optics portion of lighthouse illumination with the intention of assisting lighthouse groups and individuals worldwide to better understand this area. The OWG will also develop and disseminate information on the history, care, and maintenance and location of ‘Classical Fresnel Lenses’ and will maintain an archive of information about lighthouse optics including:
•  The history of Fresnel lens development
•  A worldwide database of the remaining ‘Classical Fresnel lenses’
•  A glossary of terms related to lighthouse optics
•  Methods for safe lens removal, storage, and shipment
•  Methods for lens restoration and sources of lens restoration assistance

The OWG has already designed a ‘Lens data collection form’ that can be used worldwide for the collection of specific lens information. The OWG will collect the ‘Lens data collection forms’ and publish the results on the World Lighthouse Society Website. A printed version will be available on request.

The data produced by the OWG will be published both in printed form (where appropriate) and on the
World Lighthouse Society Website.

If you like to contact the OWG please write to owg@worldlighthouses.org