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WLS Gallery Project


This is a long term project by the Architecture Working Group to collect and co-ordinate 

the Lighthouse information gathered & supplied by you the Members.




Europe   Americas   Africa   Asia

Australia, Pacific & Indian Ocean



All Material in this Gallery is copyright 2014 by the World Lighthouse Society. Images and Photographs are presented by permission of their copyright holders, as noted under each image.

Permission is granted to copy portions of this Gallery for personal use and study, but all other rights are reserved.



Donna Suchomelly (USA) Dennis Moeller (USA) Mark Hatcher (USA)
Jayne Wright (Wales / New Zealand) Larry Myhre (USA) Karl Agre M.D. (USA)
Ian Cowe (Scotland) Andy Kemp (England) Jason Duke (USA)
Juan Miguel Ochoa de Olza (Spain) Gary Martin (USA) Michael Tianias (Australia)
Eric Rose (Australia) Jody Phipps (USA) Paul Raitano (USA)
Graham Rabbitts (England) Kevin White (USA) Charles Bash (USA)
Stephen Chase (USA) Victoria Hillman (England) Allen Woolsley (USA)
Jeremy D'Entremont  (USA) Roger W. Jacko (USA) Andrew Lehne (Australia)
Robert English (USA) Paul L. Csizmadia (USA) Chris Ward (England)
François La Poutre (The Netherlands) Tara Edmonds (USA) Jeff Wardeska (USA)
Alan Smith (Isle of Man) Dr. Tom McMaster (Spain) Roger Moncrief (USA)
Rick Miller (Canada) John King (Canada) Esbjörn Hillberg (Sweden)
Nathan Way (USA) Allie Wojtaszek (Canada) Aureliano de los Rios Martin (Spain)
Neal Doan (Canada) Dennis Jarvis (Canada) Bob Charlton (Canada)
Sean Miller (Canada) Doug Spilchuk (Canada) Amy Kapell (Wales)
Ed Stoerger (USA) David Colthorpe (England) Craig Kane (Canada)
Priska Kerner-Blunschi (Switzerland) Juan J. Lamas (Spain) Peter Williams (Scotland)
Klaus Rainer Willner (Germany) Peter de Groot (South Africa) Egbert Koch (Germany)
Jürgen Tronicke (Germany) Kevin Hansen (USA) Lee Blair (England)
Gavin Donaldson (USA)