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Following the hard work and planning of Lighthouse enthusiasts and experts over the course of 3 years, the World Lighthouse Society was formed by representatives from many countries at the Inaugural meeting held on 2nd September 2002.  

Why an international society dedicated to Lighthouses? To create an International meeting place for all who are concerned with raising public awareness of this important part of worldwide Maritime heritage.  

Although Lighthouses belong to different countries, they are all part of the one and same navigational structure. They surround the earth like a shining serpentine, with neither start nor end.

Aids to navigation have played a critical role in all parts of the world for over 2000 years. Today, Lighthouses, Light Vessels and Seamarks have largely been replaced by sophisticated electronic equipment. 

Most are de-manned or have been de-commissioned altogether.




Our challenge at national and international level is to actively encourage and promote the protection and preservation of historically significant aids to navigation, primarily Lighthouses and Light Vessels.

We aim to promote communication and co-operation amongst all Lighthouse Organisations and Enthusiasts, to share information, ideas and strategies and to offer support worldwide.

We provide a forum where needs and achievements can be made known to a global audience.




The membership is drawn from many countries, with representation across the world increasing at a steady rate. Members come from diverse backgrounds of expertise, including Lighthouse Professionals and skilled enthusiasts. Some have backgrounds in Technical Management, Navigation and Photography. All want to support the saving of the World’s Lighthouse Heritage.

The Society is governed by an International Executive Board voted in to office annually by the members. The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other Officials as required, are appointed to ensure the effective and smooth operation of the Society.

Modern technology, in the form of email and the Internet, makes possible efficient running and effective communication within a Global Organisation. Meetings of members are regularly held in different countries.


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